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Hi-Tec Sierra Lite I WP – UpaDowna
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Hi-Tec Sierra Lite I WP

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  • MSRP: $179.99
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 14 oz (pair)
  • Height 7"
  • V-Lite Design: V-Lite is a revolutionary vertical build concept that strips away as much weight as possible without sacrificing performance or durability.
  • Ortholite Footbed: Ortholite is the world's leading supplier of insoles found in more than 70 million shoes each year, providing superior comfort, cushioning, breathability and anti-microbial function in a lightweight design.
  • Ion-mask™ technology: ion-mask™ technology is a breakthrough in surface enhancement. It works at a molecular level, binding invisibly to the surfaces of products, giving them an extraordinary ability to repel most liquids.
  • Vibram Rubber Outsole: High Performance outsoles Vibram® delivers instant credibility to the product from consumers who are familiar with Vibram's® heritage
  • Thermo-Plastic Shank
  • Waterproof nubuck and mesh upper

The new Sierra Lite I WP boots from Hi-Tec are one of the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever worn. Being that they were so comfortable I was a little concerned with how well they could take a beating, but my concerns were soon stomped out after a few rugged hikes in these bad boys! 

Testing gear here in Colorado gives us a great opportunity to test equipment in all various terrain and weather conditions. I ran the Sierra Lite I WP's through it all and afterwards they stood tall ready for more. I'm flat out amazed by this boots durability. With their light weight and mesh construction I would have never guessed these boots to be so durable. This is thanks to the V-Lite technology that combines light weight leathers and synthetics, with durable, non-metallic hardware. After several hikes through mud, snow, brush, sand, and against abrasive granite these boots still show no signs of ware.  

The V-Lite technology partnered with the Ion-mask technology and the waterproof nubuck mesh upper allow the boots to be extremely breathable while at the same time prevent water ingress. This is made possible by utilizing materials in the boots construction that naturally have a higher resistance to water or that have a very dense structure, such as leather. 

My favorite thing about these boots was the adjustment period it took to break them in. Are you ready for this? They were good to go straight out of the box. The break in period was literally the amount of time it took me to put them on. The first hike I did in them was just over 6 miles and my feet were comfy the entire time and I never developed any hot spots. The Ortholite foot beds in these are amazing, I'm not sure how I've managed for so long without them!

There are many great features and different technologies found in this boot. No one specific technology should get the credit for making this boot so comfortable and durable, but Hi-Tec did an outstanding job combining these technologies to offer you such a great boot. 

Hi-Tec rates the Sierra Lite I WP as a "Light Weight Hiker". I think that's a pretty modest statement from Hi-Tec. I pushed these boots pretty hard and continuously had happy feet. The Sierra Lite I WP is a solid boot that continues to impress me with durability and comfort.





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