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Hi-Tec Valkerie Waterproof


MATERIAL: Waterproof Leather
WEIGHT:25.4 oz.
MSRP: $109.99

I’ll start by saying this review took longer than normal to hammer out, but I’m really glad I took my time with this pair of boots. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my right foot over the last few months, more specifically planting and pushing off of it. Off first impressions I thought the boots offered great ankle support and a very roomy toe box. But the insole seemed uncomfortable and very unforgiving to me. I soon started testing another pair of boots for review from a different company and quickly realized it was my foot and not the boots. After making some adjustments for the need of my foot I was able to appreciate these boots and have a few really good adventures in them.

The Valkerie Waterproof boots from Hi-Tec make for an awesome pair of rugged boots for adventure all year round. The semi-high boot does a great job in supporting ankles and keeping your feet dry in small water crossings and snow. The support of the boot is reinforced with a nylon shank that does not stiffen the boot making it too restrictive. The heel and toe are both safe guarded with a rubber buffer for added protection. The reliable Vibram outsole go great with lugs for gripping and traction. Adding to the boot in a way that most people around you will appreciate and notice a bit more than you is the breathable bootie membrane and Ortholite sockliner, helping to reduce the stink of a sweaty foot and keep it comfortable all the while. Components for the boots lacing system are comprised of Ghilie style and rust proof metal hardware eyelets.


Why pick the Hi-Tec Valkerie Waterproof as your next boot? It’s a supportive well balanced boot that will keep your feet dry with great ventilation and breathability that won’t break the bank. You’ll get complete year round use of the Valkeries and that goes along way when shopping for gear that allows you optimal use. Currently listed on the Hi-Tec website at MSRP of $109.99 wiht free shipping and an additional 10% off on your first order, these boots are a steal! If that deal isn’t good enough Hi-Tec has added in a 1 year warranty and a 60 day comfort guarantee. These boots are built to last and are great for any adventure.



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