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This is not our typical BOTW post, but it is one I have been thinking about for a long time. This week’s BOTW is for home brewed beers, whether it comes from your garage, back yard, a buddy’s house, or your kitchen this week I wanted to give a shout out to the innovators of the brewing world, namely You.

The shelves in liquor stores are filled with a variety of styles of beers, and we all know the labels and bottles are all exciting and whats more is that each one tells us a story. And that story more often then not, started in someone’s home, throwing some malt, yeast, hops, and water together and letting the magic happen.

If you have brewed before you know this is an over simplification, but the reality it that each of us have made great batches and really crappy ones….but rarely will we pour out all of hard work. But let’s be honest, it sure is a ton of fun too! I mean who of us doesn’t have a bit of mad scientist running through us? The difference is that some folks really stuck it out and dialed in great recipes and put together an actual brewery. And others simply have not. I know that over the years I have tasted a ton of great beers from friends all over, and since moving here to Colorado that list of fantastic home brews has grown exponentially. And I encourage each of you to share your favorite home brew with a few friends…and yes, we are friends…

So to all of you that brew I just want to say Cheers and keep it up. And for those that do not, take some time and track down a home brewer or learn how to brew some beers yourself and start enjoying all of the great beers you never even knew existed!





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