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Hop Juice IPA


Our buddy Doug recently took a trip up to Montana and being the awesome guy that he is, he brought back a few beers from up North to share with us. A big beer from a big place definitely hit the spot on this warm beautiful Colorado Spring day. 

The Hop Juice Double IPA from Madison River Brewing Company filled the bill today. This delicious IPA has a soft citrus hop smell that fills the air upon the pour. On the taste a bitterness meets you at the front end of the drink that quickly moves over and makes room for a sweeter citrus taste. The body and carbonation are well balanced and lead to a great mouthfeel, that's not too sticky or heavy feeling. Off that basis, I'd give the overall feel of the body a medium. For a Double IPA with an ABV of 9.0% and an IBU rating of 101, surprisingly the bitterness of this brew doesn't overpower the flavor of the sweet citrus hops. There was somewhat of a brief discussion of a slight metallic finish on the taste. It might have been there, but if so it wasn't that powerful. My biggest complaint with this beer was the fact that I split it with Steve. Better served for one. If you are looking for a cold drink on a warm day full of work or play, the Hop Juice Double IPA from Madison River Brewing Company is worthy to have on hand.

Big shout out to our main man Doug W. for bringing this tasty treat back from Montana. Thanks a lot bud, next time please bring more. Just kidding, but if you can that would be cool.


22 oz.

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