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Hop Rising


Before we get into this one, yes this is yet another IPA BOTW. I'm not sure how this keeps happening, I mean sheesh with all of the beer styles out there why is it that we keep hitting on the IPAs? Because they are delicious and refreshing, that's why!

But in all seriousness for the next few weeks we will force ourselves to step away from the hoppy deliciousness, we will ignore the hop's siren song and the overpowering citrus and piney aromatics and dedicate it to another style…I promise. Seriously. But for now. I am stoked to tell you about this amazing 75 IBU 9% kick in yo face Double India Pale Ale!!!

Squatters from Salt Lake City, Utah has been known to brew a mean beer or two and this little ale is no exception. It has a creamy pale head that leaves massive lacing as you drink down the amber hued citrus love nectar. Now normally I am not as energetic about the BOTWs but this week I am stoked. We started a new hobby of rock hounding that had us working up a mighty thirst as we hiked all over Pikes Peak searching for gems. And to be honest I can't think of a more refreshing beverage after a hard few days in the hills. The Hop Rising smells like candy and has just enough hop kick to leave you wanting more, and all without that nuked palate side effect of so many big IPAs, which I attribute to the beastly malt added on the finish to help balance the beer. 

Real heavy hop heads may not dig this beer if you're looking for a punch in the face beer, but this palate pleasing double IPA is one to be checked out regardless! 





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