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Hoppy Boy


The Hoppy Boy IPA from Twisted Pine Brewery is nothing short of 16 oz. of tasty greatness! The body pours to a clear copper color with a fluffy full two finger white head that quickly climbs to the top of the glass upon the pour. After the head fades away a sticky lacing clings everywhere to the glass that soon transfers to your mouth. Mouthfeel is sticky with a medium to full-bodied feel behind it. The aroma is malty with some citrus much like the taste, possibly floral hints as well sneaking in. The IBU rating is nothing out of this world, but still flying high at 65. The aroma is probably the most memorable factor of this beer with the taste and feel trailing not far behind. That sounds bad, but I promise it's not. The aroma just really packs a punch.

Overall I really enjoyed this IPA. It wasn't my favorite but definitely a solid IPA. Sitting back around the campfire not far outside of Gunnison Colorado on a fairly warm Spring night the Hoppy Boy IPA wasn't a bad choice at all. Sessionable and flavorful, just enough balance to have a few, but no go overboard. 



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