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Hopus Ale


I have to start this BOTW by telling you what an amazing time I had backpacking through Wheeler Geological Area (CO.) this past weekend, which I can't wait to write about. That will have to wait for now though, I have a BOTW deadline due. 

With that being said, upon my return I felt the need for a relaxing beer. I like shiny things so, maybe the cool bottle with the latch cap caught my eye? For whatever the reason may be I chose Brasserie Lefebvre's Belgian Style IPA, Hopus Ale. 

Hopus Ale is a tasty Belgian style IPA that has a lot of flavor, but isn't as hoppy as I expected it to be. You'll quickly notice the typical Belgian yeast flavor followed by strong pine and citrus flavors. They're not too overpowering, and leave you with a sweet subtle taste. The body is medium with an orange-gold coloring and leaves a thin lace in the glass. 

For a 12 oz. bottle it doesn't lack in size, proudly boasting an ABV of 8.5% If I had to pair this beer I would try to find a nice sharp cheese. I'm not much of a wine drinker so, I could use Hopus Ale as a great excuse to eat fine cheeses in the future. Hmm, maybe I'll have a beer tasting party soon??? 




12 oz.

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