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Horseshoes and Hand Grenades


To start this off, any beer called something as cool as "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades" is already a win in my book. Add to that, a bomber that is priced at the ridiculously low rate of $3.99 is AWESOME, but also gives me pause. That being said I have not tried it yet. Give me a minute and I will change that.

OK so now that I have had my first sip. This is a good beer! Well worth the cash. The heavy malt forward creates a smooth and slightly sweet medium bodied beer that finishes with a nice crisp solid bitter profile. The amber body pours with a light fluffy white head that leaves ample lacing. While I can't say I am a huge fan of ESBs this one is a nice balanced beer. 

Boasting a mellow 6% ABV this American ESB is a great offering from Crazy Mountain Brewing and not only is it a great beer but the fact that Crazy Mtn gives 1% of the sales to the Eagle Family Assistance Fund…which I would have loved to link to, however the link on the site does not work and the google machine doesn't help much either. Either way, the fact that more breweries are thinking about giving a little back to non-profits is pretty sweet. 

If you find this bomber and want a nice mellow beer that while not outstanding it is a great beer, you should check it out.


22 oz.

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