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Hotbox Coffee Porter

SIZE: 12oz
ABV: 6.5%

Oskar Blues Brewery and Hotbox Roasters collaboration

The shower is on hot, producing full steam and a towel is stuffed under the door as I crack open this Hotbox Coffee Porter. Not really, but it did make me think of that time I hotboxed my parents bathroom when I was in High School. I like to live dangerously. Something makes you feel like a real aficionado when you drink a beer from a coffee cup. Like, hey, I’m classier than you. This beer helps that arrogance by letting you spew your limited coffee and beer knowledge all at once.  Like, hey, I heard they used cold extracted Burundian and Ethiopian beans in this. I really get the blueberry from that. Oh and hey, I really appreciate the roast in the beer, good job, not like some of those places that get carried away with the black patent or roasted barley. I’m sure your friends are impressed. Seriously I love coffee beers and this didn’t disappoint. Not surprising when a solid brewery opens a roaster and then makes an incestral collaboration.

The Beta:

Rumor has it that this is only available between November and January so get it while you can

Pairs well with a PR on the Manitou Incline

Can design promoting the Old Man Winter Rally in Lyons in February


Another great addition in the series of Guest Reviews by Scott S.

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