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HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle


DESCRIPTION: Collapsible Water Bottle
MATERIAL: silicone and plastic
MSRP: $22

After cleaning the house this Sunday, one thing is glaringly obvious. We have TOO many dang water bottles! So…I played a little game of “keep, donate, recycle”. While many water bottles did not make the cut, the HYDAWAY collapsible bottle did. This food-grade silicone/plastic, 20-ish ounce water bottle is easy to store, making it very convenient to throw in a kitchen drawer. When collapsed, it’s about 1 1/4″ tall and has a diameter of 4 1/4”.


Recently it was put to the test on a hike to Spruce Mountain Open Space. Filling up the HYDAWAY (designed in Bend, OR, made in China) for the first time was a bit of a learning curve. First, you have to make sure you open the spout, grab the bottom, then pull the top in order for it to expand.

Take the lid off, then, it’s time to fill it up. It took me a few times before I was able to not spill the water. It has three solid rings (base, middle, top) which make for the best places to hold the bottle when filling. Once that was done, I placed the bottle on a counter top in order to get the screw lid on. Once it’s full, you’re ready to go! Traveling with it was another challenge for me. While it does fit in the cup holder of my car well, it doesn’t slip that well into a backpack water bottle pocket easily, it takes some finagling to get the sticky silicone to slide into the mesh pockets. Instead of carrying it in a backpack pocket, I opted for a carabiner and clipped it on my backpack strap. While it did flop around a bit, it was much easier to just clip it on and off when I needed a drink. It is watertight, so there was no leaking while I was carrying it around. Plus, as you drink the water, it’s easy to collapse the bottle little by little when the water is gone. I didn’t notice too much of a plastic or silicone taste, and honestly, it tasted better to me than the stainless steel ones do! Once the 20 ounces were gone, I collapsed it all the way down and it was small enough to fit in the side pocket on my hiking pants.

This 20 oz bottle is not big enough for the two hour hike we went on. It ran out quick. The amount of hydration you need depends on the hike difficulty, temperature, elevation gain, and most importantly, YOUR body and how much you sweat. A general rule of thumb is to take 1 liter (33.8 oz) per hour of hiking. Check out this hydration calculator for more info on what you need. For this 2 hour hike, I should have had about 3 of these HYDAWAY bottles. Good thing my son had a Nalgene I could share! After the hike, I noticed the bottle was quite dirty. The silicon seems like a magnet for dirt, but I was able to get most of it off with hot water and dish soap. Bonus: it’s (top shelf) dishwasher safe!

I’d most likely use this water bottle again during travel on airplanes, a walk in the neighborhood, at work, and for my kiddo on hikes (with plenty of water refills available). I can also see the HYDAWAY being good for our #Vanlife travels. While I wouldn’t use it to store water like I would a Nalgene, it sure beats them in terms of storage space. With a couple of these hidden away in our van kitchen, it makes it very easy to store water bottles when we’re ready for a little hiking adventure during the road trip.

Check out how to use the bottle here:




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