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Hydro Flask True Pint

DESCRIPTION: 16oz, lifetime warranty
MATERIAL: 18/8 Stainless Steel
MSRP: $21

Hydro Flask True Pint is a welcome addition to the pint glass collectors camping kit. With fun colors and features that I did not even think I needed, this True Pint is legit. The colorful powder coating of the insulated stainless steel pint keeps the cold beverage cold and mitigates the “sweating” that tends to make enjoying those apres adventure beverages leaving our hands clammy. Pouring a cold beer, or a nice batch of Nalgene ‘Ritas has never been so enjoyable.


The fact that these are stainless steel means that the rough treatment that my gear usually gets is no excuse not to pack a pint for near camp adventures. And whether you know it or not the slightly rolled lip on this pint makes sipping a tasty beverage easier…but I have non idea how or why, lets agree to chalk it up to sorcery. One bummer is that it does not come with a sipping lid to double as a hot beverage container…and the powder coating makes it bomber for insulation, but a no go as a back up camp cook pot.

As a bonus here is my favorite World Famous Nalgene Rita recipe:

  • limes
  • 100% pure Agave Tequila (spend the extra cash, it’ll be worth it)
  • Agave syrup
  • ice
  • Optional: triple sec (orange liqueur), OJ, any powdered drink mix, additional fruit

Take a few limes and roll them around a bit in your hands squeezing them as you go. You want to crush the inner pulp to release the juice without breaking the skin. Once nice and soft then it’s ready. Cut it or be an animal and tear it in half. Squeeze the juice into an empty 32 oz Nalgene (or other bottle, but hey it is a Nalgene Rita) and then drop the squeezed lime half into the bottle as well. Next add some tequila….like 16oz….go big or go home! Add Agave syrup to taste and then the ice. Now is also the time to add other optional stuff if you want then shake the hell out of it. Once shaken share with friends and understand these are mysterious drinks that can sneak up on you and have you dancing around the camp fire in no time!


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