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Imperial IPA


Earlier this week a few of us here from UpaDowna took a trip to Boulder, CO to visit the fine folks at Upslope Brewing Company. To say the least we weren't disappointed. Immediately upon entering the Brewery, we were noticing things we liked other than the obvious (beer). To the right of the main entrance hangs a beautiful wooden Upslope sign. For those that can't tell from the picture or just don't know, this wood is from reclaimed Pine Beetle kill. Notice the deep grey sections of the infected wood. It's awesome seeing this wood get put to use and not just adding to the waste pile. I see nothing but class written across that sign; they just spell it differently.

We had an amazingly good time at the brewery. We were very fortunate to meet Matt Cutter, co-founder of Upslope, and hear his story first hand. Chad gave us a great tour filled with interesting facts and fun hints on upcoming brews. Big thanks goes out to Taylor Ulrich, the Upslope Rep in our area for making the trip possible. 

The brew house. See more photos from the trip here.

The Imperial IPA pours to a beautifully clear copper body with a thin bright white head capping it off. Fruit flavors and biscuity malts meet your palliate immediately on the first drink. A dry bitter hop taste and feel quickly blast through malty tastes and hints of fruit. The feel is sticky and thick too. Believe it or not, I find this Imperial IPA to be a pretty easy drinker. Which in itself is quite a feat considering the 10% ABV that this tall can packs, along with a number like 90 on the IBUs. Seriously though, this Imperial IPA goes down extremely smooth for it's size. I'm thinking the sweet hops have something to do with that along with really nice carbonation.  

Uplsope Brewing Company pridefully boasts that they are canning their way to the top, and as far as I'm concerned, I couldn't agree more. I'd proudly #UpaMtn #Dwnabeer (Upa-mountain downa-beer) with Uplsope's Imperial IPA as my summit beer any day!




19.2 oz.

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