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Imperial Java Stout


Guest drinker/writer, Oren W


Ever want a beer for breakfast but don’t want to have to deal with the looming guilt of feeling like an alcoholic?  Well Santa Fe Brewing Company just might have the solution for you with its Imperial Java Stout.  This hearty and semi-chewy beer holds true to its name with a thick persistent creamy tan head and dark rich body that not only looks like a refreshing cup of Joe but also has deep chocolate espresso aromas.  This brew has a medium to full body mouth feel with distinct espresso latte flavors.  Sweet hints of creaminess and chocolate are detected in the foreground with a bitter coffee ground aftertaste.  Santa Fe Brewing Company’s Imperial Java Stout has a smooth malty base with low quantities of bittering hops and slight amounts of patent malts to give it some roasty characteristics.  The coffee used in this craft brew are organically grown East Timor coffee beans blended with New Guinea coffee beans and locally roasted by O’hori’s Coffee House in Santa Fe.  This beer boasts an 8% ABV and is very affordable at around $7 a six (I picked mine up from the friendly people at Coaltrain Wine & Spirits).  Due to the high alcohol percentage this “Imperial” Java Stout is only brewed from December to March so you better hurry if you want to get yourselves a taste of this deliciously and delicately crafted microbrew. About the Santa Fe Brewing Company Santa Fe Brewing Company is located just 325 miles from Colorado Springs and is the oldest microbrewery in New Mexico, it prides itself on being eco-friendly and offers their 6 pack in cans which make their beers ideal for those that have the “pack it in pack it out” mentality.  So, if you ever find yourselves driving south on I-25 across the Colorado border, stop in and say hi to our wonderful and environmentally friendly neighbors to the south. Zymurgist Nerdery For all my fellow homebrewers or overall beer nerds here are some numbers and ingredients for Santa Fe’s Imperial Java Stout: Starting Gravity: 21.5 degrees Plato Ending Gravity: 5.6 degrees Plato Malts: 2-row pale, Roast, Munich, Chocolate, Carastan Hops: Bravo, Fuggle Yeast: Irish Alcohol Content: 8% Not For Use With Donuts Like the can says, this beverage is not for use with donuts but the kind people at Santa Fe Brewing Company were generous enough to find a desert food that can be eaten and created with their Imperial Java Stout. They call this creation the Java Stout Bundt Cake. Cheers!

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