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Imperial Pumpkin


It's that time of year once again, pumpkins are being picked and spices are being selected all over for these tasty seasonal ales. Other recent beers from Dry Dock have caught our attention, so when I saw this Imperial Pumpkin and it's awesome logo I knew I had to try it. 

When drinking Pumpkin Ales they seem to lean one way or the other, Pumpkin or Pumpkin Spiced Ale. The Imperial Pumpkin from Dry Dock is definitely one that leans towards the spices. Pumpkin Spice and Nutmeg are very powerful on the palate. Not a lot of carbonation on this one could be a little more balanced. The lack of carbonation brings out the spices a little more I think. I'd like it to have just a bit more bite to it. When poured the body is a copper-golden color with a very thin head, very thin. Not a lot of retention here either, very little lacing to it as well. It's a tasty brew though with a strong punch sneaking in with an ABV of 9.0%! That's a pretty strong beer no matter how you look at it and for a pumpkin, that's a really strong brew! Available in bomber bottles, 22 oz. seemed like a great serving size for the beer. 

The Imperial Pumpkin is another great tasting craft from Dry Dock Brewing Company. I'm sure have a couple more of these while they're still available. This an all around enjoyable beer. 




22 oz

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