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Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit

SIZE: 750ml
ABV: 10.75%

I should’ve drank this beer with pancakes that were smothered in barrel aged maple syrup. This beer combines a ton of great breakfast flavors into a glass of goodness. Mikerphone brewing has created a contender for the best breakfast stout out there. It is an incredible stout brewed with maple syrup and coffee. I’ve had beers brewed with similar ingredients. Sometimes the syrup ferments out leaving a dry finish as opposed to lending its sweetness. Sometimes the coffee can sabotage the aftertaste with an unwanted bitterness. However, that was not the case with this one. The beer poured super dark and thick getting the hopes high. Which is good because nothing can prepare you for disappointment like a watery pouring stout. The opposite was true in this beer. The aroma has dark candy and sweet coffee in it. The taste is robust and smooth. Some of the sweetness from the Vermont maple syrup remains to compliment the incredibly smooth coffee flavor. Overall a well done beer with really complimenting flavors that left me craving bacon. 

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