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In-Tents IPL

Say WHAT?! An India Pale Lager? In a 22 oz aluminum bottle?! You betcha! I am so stoked at having such great friends like m buddy Alex, who brings me beer back from their travels! Seriously, I had never heard of Base Camping Brewing or their fancy 22oz ALUMINUM bottles, and I am so sad now that I have… and they are not distributed here in ColoRADo! I mean come on, this was made for us to take on float trips, 14ers, day hikes, and back yard BBQs, and yet we can’t find it locally. There is a serious injustice occuring here. But enough about that, lets talk about the beer within the bottle!

Before we dig too deep into this one, I should admit that I am geerally not a fan of lagers, I’m not sure why but they just don’t do it for me. Maybe it is the years of PBR that have me defaulting to idea the all lagers are of the same swill mentality. And this is just the beer to prove me wrong. The In-Tents is an India Pale Lager, which roughly translates to AWESOME! This copper colored delight is one of the flagship brews of this Portland, OR based brewery and it comes in at 6.8% ABV and a respectable 65 IBU (International Bittering Units). The overwhelming palate pleasing take away is the clean bitter bite and the mellow sweet malt flavor that comes from Basecamp’s very own blend of white and red oak that it was dry hopped in.

Pouring this perfectly carbonated beer revealed a creamy light caramel head that gave off slight piney scents and maybe a light honey aroma that I can only assume comes from the oak dry hopping. The beer is almost deceivingly drinkable and the 22 ounces disappeared way too fast! If I ever find myself up in Portlandia this is going to be on the short list of places to visit! Oh wait, it looks like round trip flights are right around $250…..




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