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Incline App-Track your time. Compete with others. Get Rewards!

What's your time? For some people, just doing the Manitou Incline isn't enough. Comparing time is a big part of the culture regarding the Incline and now, there's a way to track it, and the times of your friends, without all the fluff of "I was under 20 minutes…" now, you can prove it.

Incline App promo from Posted by CoPilot Creative on Vimeo.


The Incline App was developed by a local Colorado Springs, CO web site developer/graphic designers CoPilot Creative. That might sound familiar, they are the brains and brawn behind the Wild Fire Tee's gig from last summer's tragic Waldo Canyon Fire. 

This free app is very easy to download and use. So far, it is only available for the iPhone Incline users. In the App store, search “Incline App” and it should show up. Once downloaded, create an account or login as a Facebook user. Once you have the app loaded, you are ready to go. To start the app, you have to be at the bottom railroad tie of the Incline. Believe me, it knows. I tested it out, just to see, and sure enough even a few feet away from the start, I couldn’t start the timer:

As soon as I was at the start, the app gave me the go ahead and I began. Usually I don’t worry about my time. I take a glance at my watch at the start and then at the top just to get an idea. To be “on the clock” pushed me a little bit harder. Knowing the timer was running, I moved faster. I checked my time at the bailout, around 27 minutes. Then I put it away and didn’t look at it until the top. Again, at the top of the Incline I tried to push the stop button before I reached the last step and I got a message like this: "To be honest, you must stop your time at the last tie".  So again, I got all the way to the end and it was able to stop. Again, very easy to use and I like how I can keep track of all my times. As far as rankings go, I'm a competitive person but not to the point where I'm going to be out there trying to be first. It's more of a race against my own times. There are also some other bonuses with this app such as rewards! For instance, hike it 2 times and get $5 off a purchase of $25 or more at Mountain Equipment Recyclers, also free beer, wine, and discounts off of rock climbing, appetizers and more from local businesses! I don't know about you, but that's motivation enough for me! Will hike for beer! 

As for times, I've always been cruising around 44-47 minutes so I'd like to improve it and I find that the Incline App is going to be the perfect way to do that! What a great idea! 

Hope to see you out there! Adventure On! 


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