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Innate Gear & Contest – UpaDowna
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Innate Gear & Contest

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Your planet. Your choices. Your gear. This is the motto that Innate Gear lives by. Besides clever names for gear, their consistent efforts to help save our environment does not go unnoticed. The "Leaner, Cleaner, Greener" seal of approval explains how each item helps the environment. Every piece of gear I have been lucky enough to test comes with a simple, yet sturdy feel with no unnecessary parts or pieces.  The products look good, feel good and so far, have performed not just good, but phenomenally! Here is a look at some of the eco-friendly products of Innate:

Meta Air Traveller Envelopes- Meta; Transcending, going above and beyond These slim and sleek envelopes do just that! Designed to be an everyday organizer, they also fit well in packs and can be used through airport security. The Translucent recycled polyurethane is clear enough to find where you stashed your chap-stick, yet discrete enough to hide personal items. Includes an innovative use of reused fabrics that other companies had previously incinerated. Weather proof but not waterproof, they will keep items dry as long as there is no submersion. Likewise, protecting your clothes in a bag if something were to leak inside the envelope. One of the coolest features of this product is that it comes with reinforced clip points which makes for easy access in a pack or for hanging up. Purchase choices include the small, large or a set. Small- 9.5"x7", 0.85 oz, $11.50 Large- 12"x8", 1.30 oz , $12.50 Combo price, $22.00

Outdoor Travel Towel Made from 100% recycled polyester yarn, this towel absorbs like no other! The towel is a bit larger than normal "backpacking" towels and comes with it's own stuff sack which is nice. With UpaDowna, it's been used as a shower towel, hand towel, and wash cloth/towel for camping dishes. As a shower and hand towel, you could never tell this thing was wet. It's ability to dry quickly blew my mind! With a Biocide free, Silver Ion antibacterial treatment, this towel stays fresh/dry after many uses with no stench which is great for a couple of days backpacking! Small, 25.5"x 13", 2oz, $14 Medium, 38"x 18", 4.8oz, $18 Large, 54"x 28.5", 8.5oz, $27

Kaze Modular Vacuum Bottle-

The Kaze and I are pretty tight by now. It's held my BuyWell Fair Trade Coffee every day for three weeks. I've also used it for some ice cold water refreshment during a hike. There are so many awesome features about this bottle! This vacuum sealed travel mug boasts an 8 hour limit for hot liquids and a 16 hour limit for cold. The lid is an insulated drinking cup and the cap is unique, offering  a "one-touch" conversion from a vacuum seal to a travel mug. A tapered mouth piece makes it easy to find the coffee when you can't take your eyes off of the road or computer screen. The handle is quick to remove if a more slim, easy to pack shape is required. Mom on the go? Grab yourself an Innate Retainer Clip and attach this bad boy to your jogging stroller! A few things that I found were a drawback: it was hard to tell if it was open or not. For some reason, I couldn't remember if pushing the top of the cap down meant open or closed (even through they do provide a visual guide on the top of the cap). If it was open, I seemed to knock it over a lot because it is a bit top heavy (although my husband will tell you it's me who is clumsy)! It also seems like there are a lot of parts to this bottle which is good and bad. Good because the user has a choice of how to use it, bad because clumsy people like myself might lose an important piece after washing! Weight 12oz, Capacity 13.5oz, $20

MC2 Container- Food grade silicon and grade 304 18/8 stainless steel make this the coolest sandwich container ever. But it's so much more! The airtight lid pops out to make a convenient microwavable bowl. Backcountry hydration device? You bet! Pack your dehydrated foods with a little bit of water in the MC2 and allow the mix to rehydrate while you hike. Once you get to your destination, pop the top and you're ready to go! No need to waste fuel and water to rehydrate your food at camp. Here are a few tasty recipes! Weight 8.5oz, $17 -Mentor Organizer Sacs I can not describe how cool these sacs are! Keep your important items DRY with these waterproof, compression stuff sacs. Just like the Traveller Envelopes, the Mentor Sacs feature a translucent window for easy identification of items. The roll-top closure at the top helps drive all of the air though the patent pending O2-Flow, one way compression valve. This compression sac really helps fill in those empty gaps in a pack. Secure clips on the roll-top allow easy connection to a pack, kayak or tree. The water repellent exterior is easy to dry and very water resistant. 2L/1.4oz, L7.8"xH13", $13 3L/1.4oz, L9"xH15.7",$15 5L/2.1oz, L10.6"xH18.5",$16 Combo Pack, $40


From Innate Gear:
We're quickly making our way towards longer and sunnier days, but as we all know weather this time of year is anything but dependable, and nothing's worse on a late spring adventure than wet gear. That's why we're so excited about the Innate Gear Mentor Storage Sacs. Designed to keep your gear organized and dry, they're perfect for everything from day hikes to extended trips. With a translucent window it's easy to track down what you've stuffed inside, and a roll-top closure with Innate's patent-pending O2 Flow one-way compression, it's easy to remove excess air. Sound like you need one in your gear stash? Here's your chance to win!
All you have to do is tell us what 3 things in your pack you must keep dry in the comments below. You'll be entered to win a 10L Mentor Storage Sac. For an extra entry, hop on over to the Innate Facebook page, "LIKE" us and post your answer there as well.
Good luck!
*Contest ends May 10th*
Adventure On!
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