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Over the past six months things have been kinda rough for me. I had to stop playing basketball in city league, stop trail running and I had to take a break from climbing for almost a month. The reason for all this was some nasty knee pain that I could not get rid of.

Years of basketball, running down the Barr Trail, pavement pounding, and falling off of rocks while bouldering took its toll on my joints. My hobbies paired with a job that requires long days on my feet and some heavy lifting was wrecking my knees.

I needed to do something that got me back on my feet, so I did what everyone does when they have questions. I googled it and found some interesting results. One web site said all I had to do was re-teach myself to walk by putting pressure on my muscles not my joints. Another site said to take the typical glucosamine and MSM. I tried all these things and they did help but one thing caught my eye, a new joint pain relief supplement called Instaflex.

They offered a free 14 day trial (shipping was $5) so I ordered it and the supplement actually helped my knees. I do not experience any severe pain in my knees and it seems that the pain has been steadily decreasing for the month I have been taking it.

I am not trying to sell you Instaflex and there are some down sides to it. The trial is free but they will automatically charge you for a months worth, which comes out to $75. That is about 3 cases of PBR and way too much to spend for many, including myself, but I found a solution. If you do the trial and want to keep using Instaflex, you don’t have to go broke trying to pay for it. Call Instaflex and tell them you love the product but you just can’t afford it and they might drop the price down to $35 (they did it for me). Hallright!

Another thing I came across were critics saying Instaflex was a combination of already known joint pain relief ingredients and because of this it was overpriced.  Maybe they thought that it was some miracle drug found deep in the Amazonian forest or given to us by aliens but that is not the case. Instaflex does indeed include many of the well known ingredients found in other supplements but it also throws some other things in there as well. Critics were also pissed off about not canceling the trial and getting charged $75. Don’t be a wingnut and procrastinate canceling your free trial if the stuff does not work for you.

I am no doctor and I sure as hell have not tried every supplement out there. I just know that Instaflex has helped my knees feel much better and that keeps me in the outdoors doing what I love.

Climb On!


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