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IPA and a Half


After a fun few days of play in the desert, we decided to get back to Colorado and grab some good brews on our trek home. For one reason or another, might have been fate even, but we decided to switch our route home and take I-70. In doing so we stopped in at a Colorado favorite, Tommy Knocker Brewery. After a delicious feast of Jalapeno Popper Burgers and having a couple different beverages on tap, something across the room caught Steve's eye. He quickly left the table to investigate. On his return he brought back awesome news and filled me in on his discovery. Tommy Knocker's new brew IPA and a Half. Even better, it's canned! 

The Tommy Knocker IPA and a Half pours to a copper body with a fluffy white head. The balance of carbonation, sweet citrus notes, and IBUs make for a great mouthfeel and taste. This is a complete session-able IPA for fans of high IBU and ABV IPAs as well as those that like their hop a little more on the tame side, this a great IPA. Even with a boost of hops it's still friendly enough to be enjoyed by the masses. As this is a new beer and I'm not sure where I can even get it yet locally, I have one regret with this beer. Why didn't I buy more than one six pack? If I don't soon find this one at my local shops I'll be stocking up next time I'm in the area of Idaho Springs.





12 oz.

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