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Is Bear Grylls Dead???

Bear Grylls Tweets: "I have a lot of people asking if I'm dead, for the record I'm alive thank the Lord."

Big rumors are floating around that survivalist Bear Grylls was recently found dead. Not the case!!! AOL Travel reports it wasn't Bear at all but a would be fan. The 29 year old Scotsman, David Austin had planned to survive off the land for a year, like Bear Grylls the star of the hit Discovery Channel television show Man vs. Wild does. Unfortunately for David Austin the results weren't the same and he sadly perished after about a month according to experts.

The point of television shows like Survivorman (Les Stroud) and Man vs. Wild (Bear Grylls) aren't to teach you how to live in the wilds for long periods of time. They show you how to survive long enough to allow rescue or self extraction. The stars of these shows are EXPERTS in survival. There is nothing glamorous about drinking your own urine or digging through bear scat for undigested berries to eat. What they do is survival, not camping! If that is something you are interested in be sure to get the proper education and training before attempting.  

At the Winter OR Show MtnMama and I both got to briefly meet Bear Grylls, and I assure you he is very much alive.

Interested to read the full story on David Austin, check it out AOL Travel.

Be safe out there, the root of wilderness is wild for a reason. 



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