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Joe’s Premium American Pilsner


Pilsners and warm nights go together like peanut butter and jelly! After a weekend on the mountain and a 2-a-day at the gym, a good beer was more than deserved! When my buddy Adam sent out the invitation for porch beers tonight, I accepted. 

Joe's Premium American Pilsner from Avery Brewing Company was what was on the menu this evening. This tasty pilsner poured to a clear golden body with a frothy white head. On the taste and feel side this beer seemed to be a little thick for a pils and lacked some of the more traditional "fizz" that comes with a pilsner. It sticks with your palate a little longer. Overall it was a very smooth beer with a nice clean and crisp feel. 

At $9.00 for a sixer of 12 oz. cans, that only has an ABV of 4.70% the boys and I agreed that it was a little on the steep end for what we were getting out of it. However, this pilsner is available all year round! Which will come in handy on a cold Winter night when I'll be reminiscent of the Summer.





12 oz.

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