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Kahtoola KTS Hiking Crampon


DESCRIPTION: Hiking Crampon
WEIGHT:23.3OZ. (662 G.) PER PAIR (Mens Med-Lg)
MSRP: $159.00

It’s hard to think there are places that you would need anything more than a pair of Kahtoola Microspikes, but there are! If you find yourself in need of some full on crampons, then the KTS is the tool for the job.

The KTS Hiking Crampons are made for the “next level” but here is the kicker, they are made with PATENTED LEAFSPRING® FLEX BAR which allows you to wear them with any type shoe not just heavy, stiff, mountaineering boots.


If you are anything like me I usually have lightweight shoes/boots on and rarely plan on heading somewhere I may need heavy boots but tend to find myself in a lot of places I could use or need crampons. Most heavy duty crampons do not have this flexibility and can crack under the flex of soft soled shoes and can be uncomfortable. I love the fact that they collapse down both in length and that the heal guard folds down to make them almost flat.
It allows them to fit into the front pouch of my pack however I would recommend purchasing the tote bag from Kahtoola so you don’t tear the pack ( $19.95 ).


The KTS are light weight so I don’t have any heartache throwing them in my pack and not and worrying about them taking up space or being to heavy.  The straps on these crampons on user friendly and easy to adjust. I do suggest taking the time to adjust them to the shoes and or boots you will be wearing prior to your trip just to make it a little easier and faster to slip on especially with heavy gloves. I didn’t have any issue with snowballing but Kahtoola makes a set of snow release skins for under $20.


The KTS has 1’’ spikes which has no problem digging into any ice you may have under foot. In the video you will see how well these 1’’ points dig into the ice. I even got a running start and jumped as high as i could to see if the points would bend or flex. I am 6’4’’ tall and weigh around 250 pounds so i guess you can say um well i put them under some strain, well ok a lot of strain but they didn’t budge. I ran, jumped, rolled my feet, and tried to twist my boots every which way to see if the straps would allow the crampons to shift but everything stayed right where I strapped it down. I will say that when you put these on make sure that you toe is fully seated into the toe straps. Outside of that strap them on, forget you have them on and have fun!

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