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Kammok Roo Hammock And Python Straps

Hammocks are rapidly growing in popularity for camping due to their comfort, weight, and ease of use.

Dimensions: 10' x 5'7"

Weight: 23oz

Material: Lunar Wave 70D Ripstop nylon

MSRP: $99, Python straps $30

As far as bunched end hammocks go the Roo is by far the largest marketed single person hammock I've tried. Boasting a total length of 10' and width of 5'7" this baby will envelop smaller users. Set up is simple given the included mini carabiners and if you purchase the additional $30 Python Straps (you should) setting up and adjusting this hammock is a dream! Double stitched and utilizing flat seams the Lunar Wave 70 Denier diamond weave ripstop is silky smooth but tough as nails making it ideal for backcountry work.

The Kammok fits into its own integrated stuff sack that pulls double duty as a grab bag once in the hammock and crushes down to about the size of a cantaloupe and comes in just shy of 24 ounces. The Python straps which really make hanging and adjusting the sag of the hammock so damn easy are simply a 10' x 3/4" daisy chain, which is webbing that has stitched loops every few inches so you have limitless adjustment potential. 

I was stoked to have the ability to easily adjust the height because with a larger hammock often you can feel shoulder squeeze when you try and hang it super taut. And with the additional length you may have some creative hanging to get the hammock to hang properly. Also before you get out on the trail be sure and set up the Kammok near home so you can be certain it's length will be covered by what ever rain fly/tarp you're using…like I said this baby is long and your current set up may not cover the ends of the hammock.

For proper hang of this hammock you want to let it sag a bit more than you maybe used to and if it sags too much you will definitely have an interesting time trying to get comfortable. But this is not unique to the Kammok, all hammocks can leave you in a bunch if you improperly hang it. Other than the size of the Kammok I really don't see to much difference between this product and other manufacturer's products. But what I did notice was the story behind the naming of the "Roo".   

Not only do kangaroos set the example of how to live as a community, but they are, and always have been, environmentally conscious. With their large footprint and strong backlegs they move in the most energy-efficient way over long distances. They eat only vegetation, but unlike many other herbivores, they do not produce methane.

So why the kangaroo? Because they help to illustrate what we want to be: People that come together. People that look out for one another, especially the defenseless. And finally people who at the same time take care of the world we live in.
With a few larger brands out there it is nice to see a new kid on the block, although to be brutally honest I really don't see too terribly much innovation between companies. But I do like the fact that Kammok is aware of community and takes an active role in part of the community – Kammok donates a portion of the sale to Malaria No More.
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