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If you don't believe in Karma, then you haven't had this Belgian Style Pale Ale from Avery Brewing Company. What goes around comes around and if your due for some good, take the time to enjoy it in this thin laced, smooth, golden bodied ale of yum!

There is something special behind the mix of fine malts and honey that have a brilliant flavor when combined. It's a delicious mouth rewarding blend that your taste buds will rejoice to! The Karma is a prime example of that combination. It's a flavorful smooth drink, with a thin head, and a carbonated finish. It's not that pale, nor does it leave an over powering toasty flavor behind. It's a smoothie with an ABV of 5.20% making it a very drinkable beer.

This is a seasonal creation available between April and August. You can still get it if you hurry, but it's moving off the shelves fast. Don't procrastinate or you'll find yourself waiting until April to enjoy this good Karma.    

A recommended pairing for this beer is grilled chicken or pork chops. Also traditional Belgian favorites like mussels are considered to be an excellent pairing for Karma.





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