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Kelty Recluse 2i Air Pad


Kelty has a fancy air mattress called the Recluse 2i that features not only synthetic insulation but also a hand pump to help inflate it.

MATERIALS:  Outer- TPU coated 70 denier nylon, Insulation- 60g/m2 synthetic

DIMENSIONS: 78" x 23" mummy shaped full length pad; 11" x 6"(packed)

WEIGHT: 2lbs 5oz

MSRP: $95

Those campers that are on the quest to get a bed like rest while camping will no doubt rejoice at the release of this packable relatively light weight 2.5" thick air pad. Featuring Kelty's patented hand pump you can easily pump up the 8 self balancing baffles of insulated pillow like comfort with relative ease. 

The design of this pad is such that the "side rails" or outer most baffles are slightly larger than the inner baffles which helps to cradle your body and becomes particularly useful if you are a hammock camper. The amazing 2.5" of air and synthetic insulation is what really matters when it comes to two of the most common deterrents for campers; comfort and warmth, and believe me this thing does it's job well. The Recluse comes standard with a patch kit and stuff sack, although I must warn with the size of integrated hand pump stuffing the pad can be a daunting task, and while I have been instructed not to worry about damaging the pump and just stuff it, I am still reluctant.

No doubt the pumping of this pad caused some grumbling when Mtn Mama was inflating it, which took 3 minutes 18 seconds, but I have no doubt strong climbers (stronger forearms and hands) could have done it quicker or at least with out the bitching. When she inflated it by mouth through the exhaust valve it took a mere 1 minute 12 seconds and then she topped it off with 20 seconds of hand pump action. But I think at altitude and in colder temps the hand pump would be the preferred method, because it would warm you up and keep you from adding to your lightheadedness.  

The Recluse 2i is a great pad for warmth and pack ability that I can see being a great addition to 4 season camping if used in addition to a closed cell pad. It's full length and mummy shape is large enough to please even larger campers and since the pad features and exhaust valve near your head when laying on it, you can easily deflate the pad some should you desire a less firm nights sleep.

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