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Klymit Cush


MSRP: $19.95

Material: Bamboo Carbon Fabric

Weight: 3.0 oz. 

Length: 28"x 9"

The Klymit Cush is a convenient, durable, inflatable pillow, worthy of your outdoor adventures as well as travel. What's so great about the Klymit Cush isn't that it's inflatable, it's that it's deflatable! This makes it extremely easy to pack and take wherever you go, without the bulkiness of a travel pillow. Deflated it folds up small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

No more need to sacrifice the comfort of a pillow on those backpacking trips. This light weight pillow easily folds up to about the size of a baseball, eliminating space and weight concerns you get from other pillows. The Cush can be folded or laid out in many different ways, maximizing its potential to best suit the needs of different sleeping styles. Side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, will all be happy. The pillow folds (or stacks) up to four times creating a different width and firmness to suit your needs. It's even great for sitting in a chair which comes in handy on long flights. The Cush inflates with the greatest of ease, two or maybe three full puffs and you have a fully inflated pillow. 

Another nice little extra on the Cush is the two molded circular spaces on each end of the pillow. These comfy indentations are for your ears! Having these allows your ears to be cradled rather than pressed firmly against the walls. Sometimes the small things make all the difference, I think this was a very comfortable and thoughtful addition to this pillow.   

It doesn't matter how you use this pillow, once you try it you'll fall in love with it's comfort as well as its amazing pack-ability! Visit Klymit's website today to order yours now, or check their store locator to see where you can pick up all of your new Klymit products today! 




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