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Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad

DESCRIPTION: Hammock specific inflatable sleeping pad
MATERIAL: 20D Polyester
WEIGHT:27 oz
MSRP: $139

FACT: The Klymit Hammock V pad is ridiculously comfortable. Adds warmth, evens out your sleeping platform and the “wings” pad your shoulders, arms, and knees. It was a cool morning when I tried it out for the first time and I could not believe the increased warmth by using this pad, even thought his is NOT an insulated pad the additional mat definitely helped a bit. I have used standard pads both closed and open cell foam and all the others wished they were as good as this one.


The pad is designed to allow your body to be supported well with no “dead spots”. The pad also features one tacky section on the top by your shoulders and two on the back of the pad one by the shoulders and one by the butt. These keep the pad in place when you’re getting in as well as shifting around during the night. You can see this tacky section below (it is the centered slightly darker grey striping)


I was convinced that getting the pad to fit appropriately in the bunch hammock was going to be a battle but I was so pleasantly surprised as the tacky sections did their job and the wings really helped me get the pad lined up perfectly down the length of the hammock. Setting it diagonally as per the recommended manner of sleeping was a bit of a struggle and believe it or not the pad evens out the hammock enough to sleep in it either diagonally or down the length of it.

Getting in the hammock was also much easier than I thought again due to the tacky pads holding the pad in place. Laying down was where the magic happened and it all came together. The instant embrace and support are where it’s at!

Blowing the pad up was not too bad although it took some lung effort, and there were a few sections on one of the wings where I had to “help” it expand by gently putting the pad apart to allow the air to fully inflate it. The one way valve on the inflate side is one of the best designs I have used and worked flawlessly to keep air in between breaths.


The deflation of the pad is accomplished by opening the deflate valve and slowly working the air out. Due to the folding nature and the wings it takes a bit more planning to get the pad to pack down appropriately. This may be the single most useful tool to help convince more folks to try out hammock camping. I am so damn impressed.

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