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Klymit Inertia XL

An XL sleeping pad that compacts to the size of a water bottle, that weighs a mere 16.8 oz. WINNING!!! 


Weight: 16.8 oz.

Length: 72"

Width: 18"

MSRP: $129.95

When it comes to gear, Klymit has been breaking the mold and stepping outside of the norm. Their eye catching innovative products have been shaking things up in the outdoor industry, turning heads, and winning consumers over everywhere. Be it their argon filled Double Diamond vests, Kinetic jackets and shells, or the loft pocket technology X Frame sleeping pads, Klymit's gear will make a long lasting first impression on you.

My first experience with any Klymit gear was watching Yeti explain his Double Diamond vest to TSA as he tried to board a flight. HA, that was good. My first hands on experience came at the 2011 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show. Where I was talked into sprawling out in the middle of the trade show floor on the Inertia XL. I remember being blown away by how comfortable it was. I had my doubts with all the cut outs, but it really made sense. The removal of excess space creates more air to be trapped via PSI in areas of contact against your body. The X frame design captures loft and keeps the air inside the pad warm, through the body's heat distribution by contact without sacrificing comfort. The pad is by far one of the most, if not the most comfortable sleeping pad I have ever been on. The Inertia XL Frame seems to have the ability to cradle your entire body. Even when you are a bigger guy such as myself weighing in at 230lbs. Yeah, it can handle it!
The Inertia XL is made for larger framed individuals, but you'd never guess is by its compact deflated travel size. It remarkably and easily folds down to the size of a 32 oz. water bottle (actually a little smaller). That also includes the carry of the hand pump. 
Here's the skinny, the pad can be inflated in 3-4 breathes, 2 if you're really talented or have ridiculiously large capacity lungs. It has a safety push valve that doesn't allow air to escape while you're catching your breath in between blows. It also has a second valve for use of the additional hand pump, to add extra psi for heavier folks like me, or for more firmness kinda like a "sleep number bed". It can also be filled with argon gas through the second valve as well, which if you don't know about this amazing technology maybe you should read more about it here! It deflates fast, and folds up and packs easy. Best of all it is extremely comfortable!!!
I don't know what Klymit will be up to next, but I sure can't wait to find out, especially if they keep up the innovation and make my trips lighter and more comfortable.
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