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Klymit: Motion 60


Weight: 2.6 lbs.

Volume: 60 L

Fabric: 210D Nylon Base & 150D Silicone Impregnated Nylon upper

MSRP: $179.95

The crew at Klymit have been go-getters and innovators in the outdoor gear game since 2007. I'm glad to report they haven't slowed down their relentless charge of producing awesome and functional gear for adventure seeking outdoor lovers! Klymit has lots in the works, but one item that has been making a lot of noise lately is the Motion 60 backpack. 

Klymit might not be known for backpacks, but don't let that fool you. The Motion, available in both 35L and 60L is a lightweight backpack that delivers. This top loading roll top pack that weighs in at a low 2.6 lbs. carries remarkably well and is as durable as they come. The Motion has a tall narrow profile that makes great for arm swing and won't slow down your momentum on the trail. The suspension system is designed to keep the weight of the pack close to your back and not throw off your center of gravity or balance while hiking through rugged terrain. 

Synch cords climb the middle of the pack providing an easy carry options for accessible gear. Double that with two deep bottle pockets and zip pouches on the hip belt for extra carry options. One hidden little extra I found with this pack that I really think is great is it's dimensions. As is, the waist belt is designed to fit sizes 28-40 inches and the torso length ranges from 16-20 inches. This pack is ready to go for a wide variety of body types out there, male or female. I've now comfortably carried this pack loaded at about 48 pounds with no troubles or irritated-hot strap spots digging into my arms or shoulders. Speaking of the straps, that's another feature that I dig on the Motion. The straps are surprisingly thin profiled, but don't lack in comfort at all for being thinner. The slim straps are also great for a free motion feel. The thin non-bulky straps alone make the pack feel and carry like a fast pack or summit pack. 

This lightweight thin pack fits and feels great! Adventures big or small, the Klymit Motion 60L is up for the challenge. Are you?




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