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Le Terroir


Being one of my favorite beers of all time, it's my blossoming pleasure to announce Le Terroir, from New Belgium Brewery's Lip of Faith series as this week's BOTW! Le Terroir (meaning: of the Earth) is a 7.5% ABV dry hopped sour ale made with a variety of fruits, light malts, and wild yeasts, that are barrel aged for 2 years bringing out it's delicious sour perfection! There are a couple downers to this beer, you have to wait two years for one, and they're a little pricey. But the pros out weigh the cons, you get what you pay for, and the two year wait is well worth it if you're a fan of sours. This beer is by far my favorite sour ale of all time!

If you find yourself in Ft. Collins, Colorado and have the opportunity to visit the Mothership (New Belgium Brewery), be sure to take the tour and sample Le Terroir straight from the barrel, and find an excuse to go back for seconds!  

For maximum drinking pleasure, consume Le Terroir from a snifter with a mild cheese.




22 oz Bomber Bottles

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