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Let’s Go Aero: GearWagon AT

Lets Go Aero: GearWagon AT

  • MATERIALS: ABS plastic upper, Fiberglass base
  • CAPACITY: 86 cubic feet, 700lbs
  • DIMENSIONS: exterior- 9'L x 5'8" x 5'H /interior- 6'6"L x 4'8"W x 3'8"H
  • WEIGHT: 275lbs (25lb tongue weight)
  • MSRP: $2987

Let's face it, we're all gear junkies. I mean that's why we write these reviews and that's why you are reading this. One of the side effects of this addiction is that we accumulate gear of all shapes and sizes, all of which take up room and often makes packing for an adventure trip difficult as we try and decide what we can bring and what we just cannot fit. Fortunately the Let's Go Aero crew knows our pain and has developed a line of products that are designed to help us manage our addiction!

For the first in a series of reviews of the Colorado Springs, CO based company we borrowed their Gear Wagon AT trailer to haul our gear on a recent week long trip to the desert and couldn't have been more impressed.

We set our sights on the Utah deserts and headed out for a week of hard living. While traveling over miles after miles of black top highway, over snowy mountain passes, and down some brutal double track dirt roads, we hauled our little trailer along and during the entire trip not once was I concerned about the GearWagon's ability to haul our gear safely. It was effortless to tow, tracked true and had no wobble at highway speeds. It seemed to glide over even the roughest patches of rocky trail thanks to the torsion axle and modest 24" tires.

The trailer itself is a clam shell design that opens with ease and when open the sides are at waist level so loading and unloading is a breeze.

It also has an extra long tongue so that you can fully open up the back doors of your vehicle, drop the tailgate or access the trunk without having to disconnect the unit, and trust me if you've ever battled with trailers that do not allow this access you know how awesome this is!

Within the trailer I easily hauled 2 bikes, a 16'5" folding canoe, a huge 4 man tent, bike tools, a crash pad, 4 back packs, a camp stove and a bunch of miscellaneous gear and all of it fit with room to spare. And while the capacity is impressive, the fact that it is easily accessible from the sides is key. But the shining moment for me with this trailer was when I opened it up after over 500 miles of being snowed on, rained on and cruising dusty dirt roads and all of the gear inside was clean, dry and clear of any dust whatsoever.

Designed with gear hounds in mind, this trailer comes as a welcome way to haul your precious cargo safely and securely out of the weather. The trailer is so light weight that any tow rated vehicle can easily haul it and with it's short stature and aerodynamic shape, it has only a minimal effect on your fuel economy. And while from the outside this trailer may seem tiny, once the clamshell top is opened this thing will simply swallow gear!

The beauty of this system is that you have a variety of options ranging from simply piling your gear inside the massive 86 cubic ft of cargo space or you can accessorize and add a bike mount system, or add c-channel tracks to strap gear to the sides or down in the center of the GearWagon AT. This customization allows you to pack the way you choose and in a manner in which you will be able access what you want when you want, much like a properly packed backpack. But if you're not into neat and orderly, this thing can handle a cluster of a packing job as well, in fact on my trip I had 18 hours of relentless desert winds that all but destroyed a tent and had sand and dust covering everything that was exposed, when I had finally had enough I opened the clamshell and simply threw everything in so I could escape the chaos. I was pleased that I did not have to fight with organizing things and could simply throw and go…or as Let's Go Aero says, I could "pack ugly".

Ultimately we all want to be able to travel comfortably and at the same time, keep our vehicles clutter free of the multi-sport gear needed for our adventures. The GearWagon AT is a great solution that allows you to not have to leave behind the canoe, skis, bikes, or whatever else you would love to have with you but do not normally have the space to haul. I think this system would be invaluable for those that live an active lifestyle that wish to do it all rather than settle for one or the other. The clearly outdoor oriented design focus of this product really speaks to the needs of any and all gear junkies!



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