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Light And Motion Stella 600 Dual Bike Light

Whether you are a night rider by choice or the shorther days of winter have you pedalling in the dark the Stella 300 lights from Light and Motion have the power and the battery life to keep you aware of all of the hidden surprizes of a trail after dark.


Lumens: 600, 300, 150

MSRP: $300

Looking to greatly increase our riding time as the days were cut short by winter we got in the Light and Motion Stella 600 dual light system to ride into the night with and we have not been disappointed. The amazing clarity of light is pretty astounding, as is the fact that the Stella throws a darkness piercing beam 15 meters in front of your wheels allowing you plenty of time to perceive and react with out question on your favorite trails. The most striking thing about these lights is not only the phenomenal clarity that the white LEDs project but also the actual depth of vision you gain by having so much to look at as you blast down the track. Utilizing dual lights- spot is focused for clarity directly in front of our wheel and the flood is diffused to aid in lighting the trail ahead, you get a full spectrum of illumination.

The small and relatively light weight Stella 600 Dual is the proof of a well thought out and craftily designed light system that was developed to keep you pedaling through out the darkness. Stella comes with a 3 cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that straps to your bike's frame and will provide varying burn times depending on the setting-

  • HIGH 600L 2hrs 15mins
  • MEDIUM 300L 4hrs 30mins
  • LOW  150L 9hrs…(yeah we burned them all night long!!)

And the system easily attaches to your handle bars with a thick rubbery strap that wraps around any standard range of bars and does not slip around once easily fastened on the post on the back of the light mount. The lights them selves are adjustable side to side once mounted to fine tune beam direction.

The Stella has two operational settings one is a simple high or low race mode and the other is high, medium, low, and disco (flash) which they call their cruise mode. Another key feature to this system  is that the lights and wires are waterproof so have no fear of torrential downpours, unless that is your lame go to excuse to avoid a bit of suck.

Even if you have ridden a trail hundreds of time during daylight that same trail at night can provide new smiles and excitement when ridden after dark. Blasting down single track at warp 7 with only the light from your head lamps can be an exhilarating experience and Light and Motion has made it their mission to make sure you have a bit of artificial sun with you for your after dark excursions.


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