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Light & Motion Seca 800 Sport Light – UpaDowna
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Light & Motion Seca 800 Sport Light

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Finding an all in one light that can bridge the gap between just being able to just see or being able to see really, really well is a difficult task. This stems from so many lighting sources being specific use driven and with many variables to think about it is difficult to dial in on just one great light source. Especially when you break down all of the features a truly multi purpose light needs to have, such as a reasonable lumen to weight ratio, the ability to mount the light to a range of applications, and the total time the light will burn. Fortunately Light & Motion can be that trusted source so long as they keep cranking out lights like the Seca 800 Sport.

Seca 800 Sport

  • Lumens: 800
  • Burn Time: 1.5hrs (high)
  • Weight:  355 grams
  • MSRP: $399

Of the above listed qualities another often overlooked aspect of a light's effectiveness is the beam pattern, or how well the light output is projected in front of you. If the beam is too narrow you get tunnel vision and will no doubt be blasted in the face by a low hanging branch you did not see. If the beam is too wide you can not clearly define what lies ahead which will no doubt lead to more issues. The Seca 800 Sport features 6 stacked LED in two rows across the face of the unit. The lens is crystal clear across the majority of the face but features a frosted edging across the bottom 20% to soften the light and allow a wider softer field directly in front of you. Another great advancement is seen in Light & Motion's focus on the little things such as the way in which the light is reflected. You see a head lamp gets its amazing illuminating powers by how the light is reflected and projected. Historically the reflectors in head lamps are designed for use with halogen or other type of lights that protrude from the base of the light bulb. Since new LEDs are being used in this head lamp, Light & Motion gave concerted effort towards re-designing their reflectors so that they are optimized for use with their LED technology and the bulbs that are more flush to the base. By adjusting this design concern Light & Motion is able to capture and reflect a greater percentage of the light produced creating a cleaner and brighter beam.

I was super stoked on the fact that I could mount the light to the bars on my bike and to my helmet with a bit of creative strapping, just as easily as I could mount it to the included head strap. The light and battery pack are noticeable on a helmet but not enough to warrant any concern. And I had no helmet bob or issues with a stiff neck from the added grams. The battery cable is 16" long and should be just enough for those with longer steerer tubes, stems or steep top tubes. Remember the point of this light is to be an all in one where it works just as well on bike applications as with the head strap. 

The Seca 800 Sport features 4 settings of varying brightness and corresponding battery life:

  • High: 1:30 (800)
  • Medium: 3 (400)
  • Low: 6:00 (200)
  • Flash: 18:00 (200)

This is dusk on a technical trial in Colorado that could spell disaster without proper lighting

Dusk with no light on a rocky trail

This is that same section with the Seca 800 Sport, yeah, it's bright!

And with the unique Light and Motion output management system the light stays consistent across the spectrum the entire time, for instance the 800 Lumen output is consistent for the entire 1 hr 30 minute time and then it drops to 400 lumens. Other systems will constantly fade out until all battery life it used, the problem with other systems is that you are only getting the actual reported lumens for a quick second and then they immediately start to degrade.

I have used a number of systems and all have their niche, but I have to say that for honesty in the marketing none comes close to Light and Motion's claims and follow through. Another bonus that has nothing to do so much with the technology is the fact that Light & Motion is really based here in the United states as stated on their website:

Started by two enthusiastic Stanford graduates in 1989, Light & Motion developed its first high-powered portable underwater lighting system, in Monterey, California. Fast forward twenty years to find us still situated in a historic warehouse on Cannery Row. In order to continue our leadership in high-power LED lighting and underwater video systems, year-after-year, Light & Motion aggressively invests resources into developing products that consistently rank at the top of the innovative technology spectrum. 
We are proud to say that we haven't shipped our jobs offshore either. Our engineers, production teams, sales, accounting, shipping and receiving teams all reside in the same building, so you can rest assured that all your Light & Motion products are 100% built in the U.S.A. 
Light & Motion has been recognized for its leadership in reducing waste and emissions by recycling and utilizing alternative transportation. Light & Motion encourages consumers to return discharged batteries for safe recycling. The company is recognized by the US Congress, California State Assembly and AMBAG for outstanding and invaluable service to the community, and has received the WRAP and Green business awards for their conservation efforts, as well as receiving the 2008 California Small Business of the Year. 

Thanks for being part of our community !

If you're in the market for an all purpose light that you can use for a wide variety of tasks and adventures then this super bright system is worth a look. Keep in mind that a lot of Light & Motion's lights utilize the same battery systems so you can use one of their 3 or 4 cell Lithium Ion packs with this light and increase the burn time. But, no it does not increase the lumens, nice try though!! Think of a great lighting system as a way to open the doors to brand new trails because after dark your old trails become new adventures with the Seca 800 Sport.

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