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Lightload Towels

DESCRIPTION: ultralight, reusable, pack towel
MSRP: $1.99

I’ll be the first to admit that towels are rarely something folks get excited about. But the Lightload towel may change all of that. This little packable reusable bit of wonderment truly surprised me with it’s usefulness and durability. The towel comes packed tight into a small disk wrapped in plastic, and even though this has been banging away in my pack the brittle plastic packaging has only broken in a few places. When I opened it up for the first time I half expected it to pop out at me like a can snake gag, fortunately it did not.


Still locked in it’s packaged shape I had to coax it apart which instantly made me think I was going to tear it. Again, a surprise, it was a durable little towel that with reasonable and some what hurried effort the towel fully expanded into it 12″x 12″ size. The towel is a micro porous reusable towel that can be washed and dried for multiple uses.


So far I have used it only to wipe sweat off of my brow, clean a camp cup, and wipe debris out of a cycling wound. It has performed well and I simply cannot believe how durable this thing is. To further test the durability I actually tried to tear it. I grabbed hold of an edge and tried with reasonable effort to get it to tear and it would not. This is not to say that I could not if I was super motivated, but what this tells me is that it will not accidentally tear.

I feel the larger versions would work well with traumatic wound management, as a sun shade, bandana or even as an insulating layer. And although the packaging mentions it can be used as tinder for emergency fire starting I did not attempt this. I have only used the smallest of the towels but the uses of this product, and the larger versions, will have innumerable uses. From simple clean up, wiping sweat away, camp cooking, as a bandana, an additional first aid tool and more.

Be warned that once it is un packed you will never get it as compact as it was when you bought it, so maybe buy 2 and one one to check it out, and then throw the other in your survival kit, back pack, or car glove box. This truly is the tiny packable towel that can do so much!

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