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Lily Farm Fresh- Natural Organic Skin Care

Usually, our gear reviews come in the form, of, well…gear. Skin protection is also an important topic in the outdoor world and so, I gave Lily Farm Fresh a go.

Based out of Henderson, Colorado, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, a USDA Certified Organic Grower,  was founded on the idea that the best skin care products should be grown on an organic farm and have been doing so since 1986. All of the products are developed to cure all facial needs, organically. It’s so organic, they grow up to 70% of the product’s essential herbs and hand process the ingredients into each batch of skin care items. Many of the items are also vegan friendly.

Being an active outdoor athlete, I am always getting dirty either by sweating during an activity or out camping. Suffering from oily skin and plagued by pimples in my younger years, I struggled to find something to help. A few years ago I found a product that worked and that I liked (Desert Essence) so it was hard to “take a break” from my daily routine and try something else but was worth it.

Screenshot 2016-02-10 08.34.16I switched to Lily Organics for a few weeks to give it a shot. I chose the normal/oily product line to test out. Starting with the seaweed balancing facial cleanser, the routine was off to a great start. I could tell I would like it, and that my skin would too. The facial cleanser has a subtle mint/menthol scent and you can tell right away how cleansing it will be. Ingredients includes lavender and rosemary, to fight bacteria and provide antiseptic.  There was a slight lather and it rinsed off quickly, leaving my face clear and refreshed.

Next up was the balancing facial toner. Using this product on a cotton ball, I applied it to my face which gave it a squeaky-clean feeling. It provides an extra boost to control blemishes and break outs but does not dry out the skin. The facial toner uses ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, fennel seeds, comfrey and nettles. This left my skin feeling clear and vibrant!

The icing on the cake was the oil-free skin conditioning serum. It was easy to apply and left my skin feeling clean, fresh, and moisturized after using all three products. You can buy each item separately in a 3.4oz bottle, a .5oz trial size or, in a trial pack for $28.99. You can also find Lily Farm Fresh products at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage. I think it’s safe to say that if I did replace my normal routine, I would be happy with a replacement of Lily Organics.

Screenshot 2016-02-10 08.50.21More facts on why to buy, from Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care:

  1. To treat your skin to the best organic skin care on Planet Earth
  2. To make your skin radiant
  3. To feed your skin the nutrients and bio-available constituents in needs
  4. To serve your skin’s health and your overall health
  5. 100% satisfaction guaranteed to make your skin glow for all consumers
  6. To insure there are never synthetic chemicals in your skin care
  7. Support USDA certified organic growers
  8. The only skin care co. in the world you can buy direct from USDA organic grower
  9. Made Fresh in our USDA certified organic laboratory
  10. Our laboratory is FDA inspected and meets or exceeds all their regulations
  11. Handcrafted
  12. The most sustainable skin care company in the world
  13. All full size products packaged in glass
  14. Never use wasteful boxes for packaging full size
  15. Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care produces less than one half of one trash bag per week
  16. Since 1986
  17. Support American Made and Colorado Made products
  18. Support the original pioneer in Colorado organic skin care
  19. The best customer service and nice folks
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