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Lips Of Faith Series: Tart Lychee


Tart Lychee is another homerun brew from New Belgium Brewery's Lips Of Faith Series. Lychee fruit is a super sweet fruit from southern China. Nicknamed the King of Fruits some say the Lychee is so sweet you can almost not stand it alone. No worries for the brew masters at New Belgium Brewery, they found the perfect brewing combination and used that Lychee to make another amazing sour ale!

I was surprised at the pour to see such a murky golden body, for some reason I thought it would be more translucent. The pour settles to a medium off white head, that quickly disappears. There is almost zero lacing left on the glass, and the same can be said for the sticky mouth feel, it's next to nothing. It drinks clean and smooth leaving you with a sweet taste that quickly turns sour. I've only had the one, but I'm dying to grab another. It has a 7.5% ABV that can quickly sneak up on you due to its sweet flavor. The Lips of Faith Series from New Belgium Brewery has delivered again!

On a side note, I've only heard good things about the Lips Of Faith, Cocoa Mole as well. If you beat me to that one please send me your opinion, 





Bomber Bottles (22 oz.)

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