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Little Mo’ Porter


We've all heard someone say at one point or another, "I'll drink a beer for you." or something on those lines. Well, this time I really did! Monica aka Little Mo, thanks for always having a smile and supporting your friends. This beer is for you!

The Little Mo' pours to a rich dark body with a tan thin head. A mixed aroma lingers from the pint with hints of coffee and smoke. The mouthfeel is thick and grainy. A richly roasted coffee flavor dominates the taste. I'm not sure how sessionable this beer would be for everyone due to the bold rich flavor. A two person shared sixer seemed to be a good split for me. Just make sure all parties enjoy a malty brew.

As the sun began to set and the hatch began to hover over the lower Arkansas River, I found myself quite relaxed on an overlook watching my father angle away while drinking a Little Mo' Porter. The mind wandered and everything was calm and pleasant. It was a good to be, physically and mentally.



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