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Loose Leaf

I’m not even gonna lie, it was a tough weekend. We went hard Friday night, the kind of hard that makes you not want to drink for a few days. That didn’t last long though, and I found a nice easy drinker to ease the day. The Loose Leaf, American Session Ale  from Odell Brewing Company was a crisp refreshing drink that was a great choice for taking the edge off. Loose Leaf pours to a bright golden body with a thin to medium head. Nothing too sticky here on the feel either. A decent amount of lacing clings to the glass on the drink. The mouthfeel is crisp and strong, but very smooth and goes down easy. As the name reads this ale is extremely sessionable. After looking at the ABV of 4.5% I’m not surprised at all. The Loose Leaf is just an all out easy drinker. I think the most noticeable flavor on the taste is probably lemon grass, and that’s a good flavor to have resonate on the palate.

I recommend buying a sixer of Loose Leaf and paring it with a beautiful sunset. This beer might be light on the punch, but it makes up for it on the comfort. Definitely kick back and relax with this one.



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