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Lowa Innox GTX® Lo

DESCRIPTION: Gore-Tex light hikers
WEIGHT:900 Grams
MSRP: $190.00

Finding a great part of do it all shoes is pretty key for me. And if you are like me and just about everyone else these days you probably run around the mountains in trail runners rather than bulky boots. It’s just convenient to have on a comfortable shoe that can take you just about anywhere you might end up whether that is just around town, to the pub, up a mountain or on a multi day backpacking trip, then the Lowa Innox GTX Lo are just that.

It seems odd but for years durability was often equated with higher prices and for a weird reason uncomfortable insoles! Fortunately I took the pair of Lowa Innox GTX shoes right out of the box, slapped them on my feet and put many, many, miles on them with no complaints! I am still waiting for my feet to hurt so I can replace the insole but it looks like I will be waiting a long time for that. The fun doesn’t stop there, the outsole is a proprietary Lowa NXT and is super grippy and seems to do very well in all conditions.


The Innox are solidly built and just feel reliable, as if I could go anywhere in them, and that makes them stand out in a super crowded market. With every company out there making a trail shoe Lowa made the Innox feel like a shoe you won’t wear out easily and that means a lot when you are deciding where to invest your money.

I wear these shoes to the office because the are comfortable and I wear them to the trail for the same reason. Now that I have put a considerable amount of miles on them I can say that there is no real break in period for them. My only real complaint is I wish the laces were a little longer. I know that is a small complaint right! Lowa categorizes these shoes as Speed Hikers and that is a great description. Fast and light with plenty of stability and durability makes these bad boys rock.


They carry themselves well and fit true to size in both length and width. I haven’t had any problem with slippage on my heal or flex problems. The mid sole makes them very stable and takes my weight very well with a good rebound. If you want a fast, light, and waterproof shoe than look no further. Lowa offers a 12 month warranty for all their shoes, but like I said they are made to last so I don’t see anyone needing that.


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