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Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout


I just got kicked in the head by a cow having a seizure while eating malt and barley and chewing on a chocolate bar!

No. Really. That just happened.

So there I was cruising the beer aisle wondering which brewery was going to make a major splash in the beer pond…and desperately praying that it wouldn't be with disgust. Fortunately these damn Colorado breweries are always screwing around with their brews and it just so happens that this one is going to be a good one. Lugene, the Chocolate Milk Stout from Odell is a big beer and while you wont realize it at first sip you surely will with first swallow. I can't remember a beer that was so creamy and full but then chased it with just a bit of that 8.5% alcohol on the finish.  To be honest I am kind of amazed!

Odell brewed this beer to pay homage to some farmer named Lugene and his blue pick-up that he has used for over 10 years to get the spent grains, barley and hops from the brewery to feed to his milk cows. Which is pretty damn cool in my mind. Hell, Odell even went so far as to tell you a bit more about this farmer and his great farm on their site.

A nice dark pour with a creamy head and great lacing allow this beer to bring a new dynamic to the style. In fact I know that this will be one of those beers to get a place in my go-to selections of quality beers! 


UPDATE: I am not sure what happened but the last of the 4 in the 4 pack was a different beer. The start was the same, but it finished smooth and creamy with NO HINT of the alcohol at all. It was for all intents an purposes a perfect beer from start to finish. All of the beers were consumed as my first beer of the evening, so there was no confusion with taste. This was really weird and I will be heading down to the store to get another 4 pack!



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