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Mammut Trion Pro 35+ Pack – UpaDowna
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Mammut Trion Pro 35+ Pack

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  • MATERIALS: upper fabric: 420D Nylon Tritan Ripstop base fabric: 840D Nylon Ballistic
  • CAPACITY: 35 L
  • MSRP: $259

The Mammut Trion Pro is Mammut’s much lauded alpine pack that was carefully designed for climbing, skiing, touring, and just about anything in the high peaks. Mammut built this pack with rugged durability in mind, using a combination of very robust fabrics. This pack style is offered in two different sizes 35L +7 (tested) or a 50L version for longer objectives. 

My first test for the pack was to see how well It carried on a long hike. The last thing you want to do is have a trip trashed by gear that cannot stand up to the loads you need it to carry. So I loaded the pack with a 60m rope, double rack of cams, crampons, tools, water and a belay jacket and took it on a nice 7 mile hike. The pack carried the load well with only minor adjustments and tweaks to help balance the load to my torso and hips. The lightly padded shoulder straps really add a lot of comfort if you have a long approach and with the minimal padding it keeps the pack moving with you with out overburdening your shoulders. 

After the test hike it was time to actually use the pack as intended, ICE CLIMBING!!! So I went on a full day of ice climbing in Salida, CO. 

While climbing the pack moved with me very well, I never felt off balance or that the pack was to bulky, again those lighter padded shoulder straps were just enough support with out getting in the way while climbing. The bomber fabric showed its durability when at the base of the Scottish Gully I accidently stepped on the side of the pack with crampons on and not only did it not puncture the fabric but I couldn’t even tell that I had stepped on it.

Another cool feature is the removable hip belt feature that makes it easy to pop off the rigid plastic supports so you can use the pack with a climbing harness with out battling between both the harness and the hip belt.

The only carry system I was not able to test was the ski carry option. But based on it's ability to carry a significant load with out issue I can only surmise that it would carry well.

With the high mountains in mind Mammut focused not only on the durability but also on the functionality and ease of use. Featuring the following additions really helped this pack shine:

  • Adjustable 6mm aluminum Butterfly™ frame
  • 2-layer, high-density EVA back padding, hip and shoulder belts with laminated stretch fabric cover
  • Height-adjustable and removable lid, with waterproof tape
  • Reinforced 3-point haul system
  • 2 ultra-stable ice axe carriers
  • Reinforced ski carrier
  • Daisy chain gear carrier
  • Rope fixing strap, detachable
  • Compression straps can be tensioned at the side or the front
  • Removable hip belt for use with a climbing harness (it takes some working on at first to get the hip belts to actually release)

Overall the pack is a great alpine backpack and the only real con is the price which comes in at $250. This is at least 50-60 bucks more than some of the competitor packs. But based on what I saw it seems like a great sport specific set up.

Guest reviewed by Shane L.

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