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Man Beer


I finally got around to knocking back a “Man Beer” yesterday.  While out with the crew for the Global Fat Bike day, I knocked back a couple of tasty brews. One of them being Man Beer from Bull and Bush Brewery.

The Man Beer is a deliciously blended IPA with a great full hop and malt taste. The Man Beer pours to a vibrant orange-copper color with a fluffy white head that quickly dissipates leaving behind a thin lacing. The first thing I noticed was a huge bready flavor that was awesome! The mouthfeel was thick and full, I would have guessed it to be a bit thinner and more on the zesty citric side. The thick rich flavors soften the hops and 7.7% ABV to the hearty feel.

Overall I was pretty impressed with this IPA. A couple of these bad boys will have you sitting back happy with a full belly. Just make sure you’re having a good time with good people and it will make these beers all the more enjoyable. I can’t really think of an IPA that I could compare it to. It’s one of a kind and worth trying if you haven’t yet. It’s definitely in a league of it’s own.



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