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Meet Our Yetis!

Meet our Yetis!

After 12 years of having a yeti as our logo, we finally have him as a stuffed animal mascot! Meet Freddie, Betty, and Eddie the Yeti!! These Cute, stuffed yetis can be ordered from SherriTdesigns’s Etsy page located here

They are made to go with you on all of your travels and to inspire and encourage you to make memories in the outdoors…all the while taking pictures or selfies with him while you explore!

Join the #YetiAdventureClub…Get yours today and #UnleashYourAdventure in Colorado Springs and beyond!

Every purchase helps support UpaDowna as well!

Freddie, Betty, and Eddie!

This “Cosmic” Yeti is named Eddy, in memory of our friend Edward M.

Clip them onto your backpack or bike when you go adventuring!


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