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Mexican Chocolate Stout


Go drink this beer.

Regardless of if you like stouts or not, no matter if you like spiced beers, you should still go buy this beer. The amazing profile that this beer expresses is an absolute treat. Copper Kettle Brewing from Denver, Colorado owns this style! Their Mexican Chocolate Stout is one of the more remarkable beers that I have had in a while. The creamy tan head is like a delicious frosting on moist cupcake. This beer has an amazing, thick, black as sin body that has such a robust flavor my jaw literally dropped. The flavor is much like a Mexican hot chocolate, velvety smooth and slightly sweet with well developed roasted malts and all finished off with a mild spice that follows the ale all the way down. Its like a warm sweater for your insides. But be warned the spice marches to it’s own drum and can be a bit on the hot side!

Copper Kettle Brewing created this 7% ABV ale styled after the “food of the gods” of the ancient Maya and Aztec people that blended cocoa, hot peppers, and cinnamon into a delicious drink. This beer scored a nice little award during the 2011 Great American Beer Fest by winning Gold for the herb and spice beer category. One of the most amazing things about beer these days is the wide (and growing) style spectrum of beers. What our predecessors thought of as beer is now such a small percentage of the craft beer style spectrum that there is always something new to experience.  Now, like I said before, go find this beer and drink it!


22 oz.

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