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Mexican Chocolate Stout


Upon purchasing this bomber the sales rep at the store told me this Chocolate Stout has a nice hint of chili pepper on the tail end of it. I'd say this is one of the biggest understatements I've heard in quite some time, which is fine with me because I love me some spice!!! The pepper finish is by far the most notable trait of this beer. This character is probably reason enough that the Mexican Chocolate Stout brought home the Gold in 2011 from the Great American Beer Fest. This might not be something you'd usually look for or want with a Chocolate Stout, but I'd say this alone is making the Mexican Chocolate Stout currently my favorite beer of the style. 

The Mexican Chocolate Stout pours to a rich dark brown body with a thin tan head. A medium amount of lacing clings to the glass after each tip of the pint. The mouthfeel is smooth and balanced with a moderate carbonation. Complementing the nice taste and balance this stout also has a decent ABV of 7.0%. Overall this is a unique beer with a great a taste that will leave an impression on your palate. I'm glad I picked this one up!





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