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MHM Divide 55+


MHM Divide 55

Volume: 55+ liters

Weight: 4 lbs 9oz

Fits Torso: 17-22 in.

MSRP: $259

New company, fresh style, but does it make for a great pack…keep reading to find out!

As you know there are tons of tried and true pack makers out there that have been doing it for generations and I've got to give it to them for some of their innovations, but the reality is that competition breeds innovation and these MHM boys are scrappers. The Divide is a trick 55L pack that can be either a top or front loader which I truly dig because there is nothing worse than trying to find something deep in the cavernous depths, especially when your only pair of dry socks falls out into the mud as you are searching through it.

This pack also carries very well, it is one of the most easily adjustable strap system and its dummy proof design that takes only a few minutes to get it fitting properly. Having the main body built out of a burly 315 denier ripstop Cordura and the bottom dialed for abuse featuring an 840 denier which means it is built for a lifetime of abuse and the Divide boasts all of the features you want in a do all be all pack. From the ridiculous expandable collar to the 8 gear loops to the 10 pockets + main compartment, the quickclip accessory clips, and the 2 adjustable ice axe loops there is a well thought out place for all of your gear.

There were a few issues and design concerns that I had, such as this pack is designed to utilize a water bottle or a lid mounted hydration system rather than typical back panel mounted hydration system, although I was able to rig one up that worked well. The mesh accessory pockets attach to the hip belt and are designed to hold a 32 oz water bottle or other on the go snacky cakes and can be removed easily. The hip belt can hold one accessory pouch per side and to be honest I thought I would hate the design as I fully expected that my water bottle would be bouncing off of my thigh the entire time I was hiking, this was simply not the case.

The pair of mesh pockets on the sides of the pack are ample and the top ones can hold a water bottle, but you cannot reach either of the pockets while wearing the pack, so this is not a place for on the move snacks.

This pack is very well organized and after the first time I used it I was amazed at how it just felt right, as if it was designed by actual life long backpackers, go figure!

Another key feature is the smart thinking around designing a sleeping bag compartment with a built in stuff sack…yeah it's bad ass!!

I am not saying this pack is the end all be all but I am saying that all of the other pack makers had better take notice of Mile High Mountaineering, they have done their homework and they are bringing the thunder!

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