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Mighty Wallet




Closed 4"x 3 1/4"

Open 8" x 3 1/4"

I used to get made fun of for my "George Costanza" sized wallet, but not anymore! The Mighty Wallet has relieved me from obese wallet hazing. By limiting my daily carry I am no longer feeling lower back pain from sitting on uneaven butt cheeks. Not that I ever have money in my wallet anyway, I'm to busy spending it on delicious beer!  

The Mighty Wallet is a fun, durable, light weight, tear resistant, conversation piece created by DYNOMIGHTY DESIGN. It is made from a single folded sheet of a strong micro fiber material known as Tyvek®, which is the same material used by the USPS for their Express Envelopes. The wallets compartments break down to two bill holders, two easy access outer pockets, and two card holder pockets (pictured above). The Tyvek® fibers make the wallet tear and water resistant, amazingly strong and incredibly long lasting. 

There are tons of graphics to choose from, or you can check out their D.I.Y. (Draw It Yourself) blank wallets and let your creativity fly!  


If you're not familiar with the George Costanza wallet lore, here you go.





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