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Modus Hoperandi


Turn on and turn up the Mustard Plug, Reel Big Fish, Gold Finger or whatever SKA you like, because this week's BOTW is Modus Hoperandi from none other than SKA Brewing Company. A goodnight cap to a somewhat weird week. Nothing bad, just different. I guess you could say it was a week of planning and the wheels are turning. We are preparing for next week's hike, and planning a few future events that will be nothing short of AMAZING! Glad I had a good beer to wash it all down with.

Ska music tends to be a pick me up, happy go lucky, care free style of music. The gift it gives to your ears is pretty similar to that of which the Modus Hoperandi gives to your taste buds. The Modus Hoperandi is a bitter IPA loaded with an electrifying mix of pine and citrus that brings it! It pours to an orange-golden body, with a moderate amount of lacing. The Modus hits the ABV charts at 6.8% and for how hoppy this ale is, it's almost unbelievable how smooth it finishes. 

If anything has you down, or you just want to let go in carefree manner, or maybe just end the day with a bang. Pump up the ska beats and throw down on one of the great SKA brews! The combination of the two make for a great time!




12 .oz cans

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