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Mojo IPA


This tasty American IPA poured to a translucent golden body with a thick white head. Floral and fruity hops sing to you like sirens at the cusp of the glass bringing you back for more and more. Fruit hops pull at the taste of this light bodied beer. Don't let that light body fool you, the Mojo really packs a mean punch with an ABV of 7.20%.

Not the easiest beer to session for those not use to the bite of an IPA Style beer and its bitter follow. The carbonation is right on point, not too powerful, not too weak. This is another pleasantly aromatic ale, dominated by citrus fruits! 

The Mojo has a dry and clean finish, making it a very smooth drinker. This is a very clean, sweet, hoppy, drinkable American IPA. I just got thirsty, I think I'll have another.






12 oz.

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